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Whether you have fly fished a couple of times a year or have always wanted to learn how but haven’t had the opportunity to make it happen, I can offer you personalized instruction that is tailored to where you are at in your learning how to fly fish adventure. I offer beginner to intermediate instruction to help you get out on the water to find YOUR adventure with confidence and success.

Meet Shalon

I, like many, learned the basics of fly fishing from my dad. He taught me the basic cast in our backyard when I was in middle school. From there, I thought I knew everything. In my mid-30’s, I got schooled by a fly fishing guide friend when he taught me the nymphing game on the Missouri River. Prior to this challenging education, I had no idea that there was fly fishing that was done sub-surface. I thought it was all dry fly action.


The nymphing education was difficult for both me and my friend. My friend would tell me to mend, or load the rod, or “hit it!”. But I didn’t know why I was doing these things. I kept at it and became a bit more proficient as little educational tidbits would come out of our conversations on the boat.

Once I got nymphing under my belt, I looked for other fishing education. There were the knots, there was streamer fishing and dry fly fishing. There was the realization that there are many different rods and reels for different waters and fish. And of course, there was the entomology of streams and how to pick a fly out of my box. From this experience, I realized that there was an opportunity to provide fly fishing instruction. I became a guide and instructor in 2018. (Guide license #34,159)

There were (and still are) many exciting “aha!” moments for me that gave me more and more confidence to get out on the water at any time of the year in many different conditions. I want to pass this knowledge and experience on to others. Thus, the formation of Fly Fisher Adventures.

Small mouth bass in Spring Meadow Lake


To make it possible for you to get out on the water to find YOUR adventure with confidence & success.


Our fly fishing trip with Shalon was a blast! She was accommodating with our group from the beginning and responded to messages quickly. She was fun, friendly, and personable and taught us so much about fly fishing. She made sure we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves. We highly recommend going on a fly fishing adventure with Shalon!


I enjoyed my afternoon outing with Shalon and recommend that others give this fly fishing adventure a try.  Shalon introduced me to fly fishing, taught me some of the fundamentals about casting, we fished, and I learned about the stream, bugs, and flies.


Shalon was clearly a very experienced fly-fisher!  She shared a lot of information with me that I didn't know. She showed me new casting techniques. She taught me knots, reading the water, how to spot fish rising, and many other things I didn't know. She also complimented me on my casting skills. She was great and easy to be around!  I enjoyed my time with her. I will sign up again next time I'm in town!

Jo Dee

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